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Welcome to Southeastern Handicapped Services

SHS is an integrated workshop that helps the handicapped and disadvantaged through jobs ranging from sales, verifying, clerical, data entry, training, and collections to packaging and/or shipping.

Since 1998 we have employed many disabled and/or disadvantaged employees in our integrated workshop, helping them to earn wages and have independence. We are not a charity, we are a for-profit business that sells products nationwide. Our commitment here at SHS is to strive in creating more job opportunities for the handicapped and disadvantaged.

For too long, to many disabled persons have been handicapped not by disabilities of nature or accident, but by people at the workplace who are reluctant to let them work because of a general ignorance about what disabled people can do and how colleagues may react. Indeed, attitude is the major barrier. But hiring people with disabilities must become more than just a catchy phrase, more than just a one-month public relations focus. It must be the beginning of an enlightened attitude that can pay rich benefits to our community. More than two-thirds of all disabled adults are of working age and are not working!

To many businesses and corporations say to disabled people: We don't think you can work. And our tax dollars are paid to support the discrimination we exhibit toward hiring people with disabilities. Billions of dollars in federal, state, county, city and private money are spent on disability related expenditures each year: medical care, workman's compensation and rehabilitation service. We spend 10 times as much on keeping disabled people dependent tax users for every $1 we spend on helping them get back into the work force and become self-sufficient taxpayers.

Employment, self-reliance and economic independence are essential to the self-esteem and self-respect of all people, including those with disabilities. Through your continued support about 50% of our sales dollars goes to pay salaries and benefits for our employees.

All new employees are given paid training by managers with years of experience in dealing with the handicapped and disadvantaged. Training continues thereafter to help perfect their product knowledge.

We have several products to choose from. A description of our products can be found on the products page.
We appreciate greatly your kindness and continued support to our employees by purchasing products.

Our wind chimes come in several designs including: butterfly, dragonflies, frogs, ladybugs, and hummingbirds. They are 30 inches long with 4 beautiful sounding tubes. One of our most popular items.
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